If you would like to sign up, please go here: http://www.thefamilygardencsa.com/members

Our produce is available locally through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  By signing up for this subscription you will become a partner of our farm for the season, enjoying the first and freshest pick of what we have to offer.  As well, the CSA program gives a chance for interested members to visit the farm, and to learn about organic farming and gardening.

Our CSA subscription is for people who cook and love whole, fresh food.  Each week subscribers will receive what is available according to the season.  It is our goal to provide delicious food in a generous amount.  We stay away from products that many people are not familiar with, concentrating on things that are great tasting and yield well. I beleive that being a CSA member is not for everyone, as there are folks who do not like to cook new things, or eat with the seasons.

We would like to receive payment in full before the season begins.  By doing this you are helping us raise the capitol needed for the continuous cycle of planting and harvesting. How ever, if you need time to pay off the full amount, please email to arrange payments.   As a member of our farm for the season, you will enjoy the benifits of the plentiful harvest and also share in the risk that may come with farming.  This means that when there is plenty and we can afford to put more into your weekly share bag, we will, however, in the unlikely event of a weather disaster there may be a time when there is not much to offer.  This has not happened in the past, but organic farming is a process of working with nature, which can be unpredictable.


Our CSA membership is a weekly share of the farms harvest.  It is a full grocery bag of produce, usually 6-8 different items, sometimes 10, depending on the week.   We try to grow the best tasting varieties or each vegetable or fruit and also provide you with a diverse product selection. 

The CSA season starts October 30th, 2014 and runs until June 18th, 2015.  There will be a few weeks when we will take off; Thanksgiving, December 25-27th, and UF Spring break.  We will have a pick-ups at UF on Thursdays from 4.30-6.30 pm.  You also may also select to pick up at the 441 farmers market on Saturday 8.30-12. Space at the Saturday market is limited.

The price of a share is $750 for 32 weeks of food, paid all at once.  This works out to about $23 a week, the cheapest certified organic produce in America.  If you want to purchase a second share for your family, select the option of two shares.  With this option, the second share is discounted $100 for a total of $1400.  This option is for families who eat more vegetables, and not for friends trying to go in together. We have had very good feedback from past costomers regarding the quality and quantity of food that you will receive.  It is one of our founding principles that our customers should have plenty.

To sign up please use the on-line form on this website  http://www.thefamilygardencsa.com/members  This season as well, there will be a way to pay at check-out with a credit card via Google checkout, or you can  mail checks to: Browns Organic Farm LLC, 2440 SW 32nd Place, Bell, FL 32619


We understand that things do happen, and if you know you will be missing your pick-up, please email and you may pick up your share at the farm.   Also if you wish , you can send someone to pick up for you if you can't be there.

If you miss a week, we won't have a double share waiting for you next week.  If you miss your pick-up and you can't pick it up that week, you will forfeit it. 

Our family is in business to grow great food for you.  Lets work together, each of us being mindful of eachothers needs and this will be great for both of us.