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Our season will begin October 25, 2017 & runs 32 weeks through June 16 !!

If you would like to sign up, please click here:

Our produce is available locally through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. By signing up for this subscription you will become a partner of our farm for the season, enjoying the first and freshest pick of what we have to offer. In addition to the value of your farm share, you will also receive discounts on U-Picks, flash sales, and workshops that we run throughout the year and will have the opportunity to visit the farm and learn more about our seasonal process.

Our CSA membership is for people who cook and love whole, fresh food. Each week members will receive what is available according to the season. It is our goal to provide delicious food in a generous amount.  We stay away from products that many people are not familiar with, concentrating on things that are great tasting and yield well. We try to grow the best tasting varieties of each vegetable or fruit and also provide you with a diverse product selection. We believe that being a CSA member is not for everyone, as there are folks who do not like to cook new things, or eat with the seasons.

We prefer to receive payment in full before the season begins.  By doing this you are helping us raise the capital needed for the continuous cycle of planting and harvesting. However, a payment plan is available if you need time to pay off the full amount.  

As a member of our farm for the season, you will enjoy the benifits of the plentiful harvest and also share in the risk that may come with farming.  This means that when there is plenty and we can afford to put more into your weekly share bag. We will, however, in the unlikely event of a weather disaster there may be a time when there is not much to offer.  This has not happened in the past, but organic farming is a process of working with nature which can be unpredictable.


We offer several member types, Double Shares, Family Shares, and Mini-Shares. Our most popular membership type is the Family Share: a weekly share of 8-10 different items, depending on the week and what is growing well.  

Our season will begin October 25, 2017 running 32 weeks through June 16. The following pick-up locations will be available:

Wednesday: Micanopy 1-2pm

Thursdays: UF from 4:30-6:30 pm

Friday: College of Medicine 10am-Noon 

Friday: Go Primal, Newberry Rd. Noon-2pm

On Farm Friday 11am-Sunday 5pm (pick-up at your convenience)

Saturday at the Alachua 441 market 8:30-10:30. Space at the Saturday market is limited.

Two payment options are available for each member type; if paying in full please do so at the time you sign up.


Double Share $1700 in full  (16-20 items weekly)

Family Share $900 in full    (8-10 items weekly)

Mini Share $640 full           (4-6 items weekly)

We understand paying in full isn't feasible for all, so we offer a monthly payment plans for those that need to pay in installments. In order to cover the administrative cost, a $50 convenience fee is added to your share for the season. We ask that you pay that fee up front with your $100 at sign-up. 

After paying the downpayment, you can login to your account and go to the 'Make a Payment' page. There, you are given the option of paying 100%, 50% or 25% of your outstanding balance. We ask that you do this as soon as it's convenient for you. 


If you miss a week, we won't have a double share waiting for you next week.  If you miss your pick-up and you can't pick it up that week, you will forfeit it. 

If you know you will miss a pick-up we will happily make a box for you to pick-up at the farm, but please let us know ahead of time. We pick based on the families we expect to pick-up, so help us keep your food fresh and let us know ahead of time. If you miss your pick-up and would like to donate your share, please email James at and she will help get the box to a family in need.


We take off for three weeks throughout the season: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and early March as we are always busy planting. 

Our family is in business to grow great food for you.  Lets work together, each of us being mindful of each others needs and this will be great for both of us.

To sign up please use the on-line form on this website  check-out with a credit card  or you can mail a personal check to:

The Family Garden, 2033 SE 23rd Pl, Gainesville, FL 32641



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