The Family Garden is 20 acres right outside the city limits in Southeast Gainesville, FL.  As well we maintain a fruit orchard in Bell, Gilchrist County, FL. 

I began growing organically because I didn't want potentially harmful chemicals in my food.  When I was at the University of Florida there was plenty of disagreement as to whether or not organic food was any better for you, most people argued that it wasn't and was only a trick for the elite of society.  I, however, strongly disagree.  I think organic food is better, and it seems that many cancer doctors agree-food produced without known toxins and in a rich and diverse soil not only taste better but will not lead to accumulated poisons in the human body.

On our farm I use no synthetic inputs but rather build the soil with manure, cover crops, and fertilizer from other animal wastes.  Pests and diseases are managed with rigorous crop rotation and diversity, timing plantings correctly,along with microbial applications formulated to fight target pests and promote plant health. Every fruit and vegetable  that comes from our farm is Certified Organic by QCS.

My goal in farming is to be able to provide quality food, offering the freshest most-nutritious produce availablr, all the while improving efficiency to make good food at a good price.