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Merch & Food Add-ons

This season we will have various add-ons available to our members. 

For now, we have:

- Organic, pasture raised eggs from our friends at High Springs Orchard & Bakery

- A special TFG coffee roast from the fantastic Strongtree Organic Coffee Roasters

- TFG vegetable raised pork

Later on in the season we'll have value-added items like jams & sauces. 

***All payments are due in cash at your pick-up

***We are unable to being add-on food items to the Alachua County Farmers Market 


We have new TFG t-shirts, hats & bags for sale. They make great gifts! 

Sold Out
.Veggie Raised Pork
Mild Sausage ($15.00)
Zesty Italian Sausage ($15.00)
  Ground Pork (Sold Out)
Pork Chops ($28.00)
Eat More Vegetables Men's T-Shirt
Large ($15.00)
Medium ($15.00)
Small ($15.00)
Eat More Vegetables Women's T-Shirt
Women's Small ($15.00)
Women's Large ($15.00)
Women's Medium ($15.00)
Farmer Jordan Men's T-Shirt
Men's X-Large ($15.00)
Men's Large ($15.00)
Men's Medium ($15.00)
Men's Small ($15.00)
Farmer Jordan Women's T-Shirt
Women's Medium ($15.00)
Women's Small ($15.00)



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