Welcome!  The Family Garden is a Certified Organic vegetable and fruit farm in Gilchrist County, Florida.  By God's provision my family and I came to our small  farm  in 2006.  

Though the land is good, the work is hard, but honest.  We work everyday year round to bring you produce that is  grown completely without synthetic chemicals, and without exploiting the people who care for your food.  Our certified organic  and fair produce is marketed both wholesale and locally to stores and a community supported agriculture program (CSA) at The University of Florida in Gainesville. For more information about our american farm fair trade certification, please visit  http://www.agriculturaljusticeproject.org/

Please look over our site to learn more about the CSA at UF.  WE SELL THE BEST VALUED ORGANIC PRODUCE IN NORTH CENTRAL FLORIDA, and perhaps the United States!